Online meeting tools

As an accessibility consultant I do have a lot of online meetings now. For some of the attendees accessibility is very important. So I collected information from all kind of sources like Twitter, LinkedIn and asking people. There is no scientific basis for findings on this page. Just some of people experiences.

Quality of online meeting tools
Name Web based App Ease of use Privacy Accessible Use with no sight Use with no hearing Languages
Zoom Yes Yes Sort of Ouch Auto captions/EN
Text interpreter
Hangouts Yes Yes Sort of/Yes + Nearly EN/NL
Google Meet (Hangouts/G Suite) Sort of/Yes + Nearly Text interpreter EN/NL
Teams Yes Yes Yes No Yes, in a way Auto Captions/EN EN/NL
Skype Yes No No Used to Hard Hard EN/NL
Skype for business Yes No No No Hard Hard EN/NL
Jitsi Yes Yes/No Yes (but some no) No No
Webex No Some No No
Whereby Yes Yes Yes No No (hard?) EN