Disable JavaScript

Disable JavaScript in browsers is an easy way to see if content is still available without JavaScript. And does the content still make sense?

My page will not always be updated. More recent info: enable-javascript.com


  • Address bar: about:config
  • Accept the risks you are taking
  • Find: javascript.enabled
  • Status:
    • false: JavaScript is off
    • true: JavaScript is on


  • Click the Chrome menu More in the top right hand corner of your browser
  • Select Settings
  • Search for: JavaScript
  • Click on JavaScript ... (Allowed, Blocked?)
  • Turn off/on main switch


  • Launch the Edit Group Policy program.
  • Expand the User Configuration folder.
  • Expand the Administrative Templates folder.
  • Expand the Windows Components folder.
  • Expand the Microsoft Edge folder.
  • Double-click Allows you to run scripts, like Javascript.
  • Choose Disabled, and click Ok to confirm.